A workshop online that gathers people from all over the world with one common interest, isn´t that a great idea?

We want to offer some bigger workshops and some microformat workshops and gather all results in a workshop-serie, that will be available for those who´re interested. If anyone has any specials topics that you think would be interesting and relevant as a theme for any of the workshops, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Astronomy and ergonomics

Be prepared that the workshops might be long sessions. For connected worksessions of all kinds it’s important not to forget about your ergonomics. If you want to stay healthy and strong, and want to be able to stay outside for astronomy-studies and views even when you´re older, don´t forget to take care of yourself already now. How you live today affects how you will feel tomorrow.

Workshop preparations

Please have our recommendations in mind when you prepare to participate in a workshop that might engage your interest for plenty of hours.

  • Make sure you have good air humidity and temperature in the room. We recommend that you open your windows and ventilate the room properly before your workshop session.
  • Make sure that you´ve a good light in the room so your eyes don’t have to strive more than necessary. If you don’t have enough light we recommend you a trip to Ikea where you will find affordable lamps of all kind.
  • Move your body and start your circulation. Before sitting still for a while it´s really important that you take care of your body and exercise a bit, it’s important both for your psychics and physics.
  • Invest in a good chair and desk. Since this is the place where you spend a lot of time it´s important that this place fits your needs. A desk with adjustable height is something that we strongly recommend. Learn more or shop desks with adjustable heights and ergonomic desk chairs at Elite-kontorsmöbler. If you can adjust the height of your desk it’s possible for you to mix between standing and sitting down during the workshop. That have a positive effect on your entire body.
  • Eat and drink. Eat a good healthy meal that contains a lot of nutrition just before the workshop and prepare some snacks that you can eat during the workshop session to keep your blood sugar level stabile. You should always strive for a meal that combines both protein, carbs, veggies and vitamins. A good meal works as fuel for your body and makes it alert and ongoing. If you want to learn more about what and how to eat please visit The Nutrition Source